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My first debute: Very Me (gue banget) make up..

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A nice Wednesday noon, me and my sista wanted to do something.. We dicided to play with make up which she became my first 'victim' to make over..hehe...

Since I am a beauty consultant of Oriflame, it is a must for me to be able to use make up properly..

So far, it's okay for me, applying make up for my self, but I still find it difficult to apply the make up for others..

Here is my first debute, engaging my lil' sista as my first victim.. And the result is... Not bad lahh yaa...hehehe

Since my sister is still young, I preferred to use Very Me make up series by Oriflame. The colors and the texture are suitable for young girls.

I applied Very Me Peach Me Perfect Skin Glow to moisture her skin face. Not only as a moisturizer this product also gives such a peach effect for her pale skin, we can see from the pic that her face turned glowing peach.

After that, I applied Matte Control powder, as her skin face is a bit oily.

The hardest part ever (for me) applying make up is when using eyeshadow. I used Very Me Eye Envy Pretty Green to make the smokey green turquoise on her eyes..

I also used Oriflame Beauty Blush On Glowing Peach to give the shading effect for her both cheeks.

At last, I applied Very Me Incredibalm lipgloss to make her lips glossy.

Taraaa.... How is it so far?hehehe please leave your comment.. Feel free for any comment or advise... :)

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